Sunday, December 28, 2008

ORGANIZE whenever possible

In my effort to organize myself more, I am going to be re-applying my templates for chores and lists. So I thought I'd repost them all here for you to snag and use as well... I hope there is something here that will help you...


Trying to find "normal"

It is December 28 already! That means the end of the last two months of trying to pull things together for our family as well as the end of 2008...well almost! But I am really missing my online friends and my create time plus my blogging time. I will be getting back to it all ASAP!!!!

We now have Dad living with us. The plan is if he is strong enough and able to travel in the future, he will be with us for 6 months and then go to California by Dave's brother for 6 months. What a retirement, eh? 6 months in Boca Raton, Florida and then 6 months in Pebble Beach, California?! WOW! Can't get much better than that I don't think! LOL! He has gotten stronger and his heart is back in sinus rhythm which is all GREAT! He is still needing to gain strength and some independence back though. We'll get there! The power of prayer is mighty and we are praying every day! We appreciate all of your support, notes, encouragement and prayers! Thank you to all of you for all of those...they do all help!

We hope you had a fantastic Christmas and felt the "reason for the season" in all you did! May 2009 bring everyone happiness, success, peace, love and joy!