Monday, March 25, 2013


Date:  April 7th
Theme:  Tlc Vintage Fashion Show
Hosted by TLC and all the
members of the Design Team

Lots and Lots of Show
Favors (Gifts) along the way

Stay tuned for more information
as we get closer to the date....

Wear your vintage finest.

Thursday, March 21, 2013


High Quality, Large image, PNG file....
perfect for scrapping, card making or any
other paper crafting need. Resize, flip,
crop, rotate and print it as many times
as you would like.

A zip file will be emailed to you
within 24 hours of purchase.

Lots of Pieces, delivered to your email
box for 6 days.........Digi Papers, Graphics,
Digi Stamps, Vintage Images, Word Art,
and whatever else Paulette can think up.

Thursday, March 14, 2013


I saw this over on Bumble Bee's Craft Den and thought is was something worth thinking about. A LOT of people don't seem to want to pay a lot for handcrafted items or think that maybe they should be cheaper than a mass produced item, so this poster hits the nail on the head really! Most crafters don't get paid anything like the minimum hourly rate and can take hours handmaking an item and I think sometimes people forget this! 

In Florida, when I would try to attend a "craft show" it was not CRAFTS at all.  It was ART ... like massive expensive oil paintings and glass sculptures.  If you could find anything that didn't belong in Tiffany's showroom, it would have been a "craft" and they were so over priced that it was downright scary!  I think those crafters figured if they were in the ART shows they could overcharge and still sell their wares.  There really is a fine line of how to define this...but I can also say that something is only worth as much as it will sell for.  PRICING is a huge thing... Presentation is another.  If it is presented well, the pricing can be up a little... FOR SURE!  But as a rule of thumb I have found that if something cost me $1.00 to make, I could sell it for $2.00 usually.  But I'm sure if something cost anyone $100 to make, to charge $200 might not be enough....I don't speak for those "high end crafters"...  Here in Michigan, there are a LOT of craft shows and all seem to be "seasonal".  The prices have been increasing, but it sure makes sense when the cost of EVERYTHING is increasing.  So along with being fair to the crafter for their time and love spent on something is the fact that the cost of materials has increased quite a bit over the years too! 

Enough of my soap box... And since I'm over tired, I hope this makes sense...  BACK TO CRAFTING FOLKS!  I have always looked at my crafting as something that is supposed to be FUN so I vote lets get back to having FUN!!!!!!!!!