Sunday, August 8, 2010

Just Letting You Know

I really have been "torn" on whether or not to bring this up on my blog.  However, I have decided that I really should just so that those of you that follow me don't think I've thrown in the towel or fallen off the face of the earth. 

I am having surgery this month.  It is scheduled for August 18th.  Since my father-in-law lives with us and we take care of him, I am having some apprehensive feelings about this whole thing because I am going to be basically "out of commission" for anywhere from 2 - 8 weeks after the surgery.  That leaves quite a load of responsibility on my husband and youngest daughter.  After that 2 - 8 week time period, I still have a lot of adjustments and life changes going on.  The surgery I'm having is an RNY.  So it is major surgery and major changes!

I will pop in from time to time to update, but there won't be many creations to share for at least a month.  Bear with me and know that I am not quitting the computer crafting ... it is my sanity!  I just need to take a leave of absence for a short time.  I appreciate your understanding and any prayers for healing and such are appreciated!  Thank you!!

SMUGGLES to you all


Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Paulette at Create with TLC
has posted a coloring contest...
Use the image as seen in the
preview and simply COLOR!

I did mine digitally...
This was fun!