Saturday, April 21, 2012

Getting ready for another Blog Hop sponsored
by Paulette at Create with TLC.
This one is called MAY FLOWERS
and we will be hopping along on May 6, 2012.

Keep an eye open for the postings
so you don't miss anything!There's always
lots of fun to share!

See you there!



Friday, April 20, 2012

Candybar Wrappers

I have logged into my blog to see that google has changed it completely. I'm so frustrated with it that I almost want to just close it and forget it all! I can deal with change, but it is best when i request the change and it isn't just presented as a "too bad, it's done" kind of thing....... Darn it! While I am trying to see how to use all of the new format, I will try to post and hopefully not do it wrong...bear with me in case I don't do it "smoothly". I have been going through some back up disks of images from various web sources, both purchased as well as freebies. And what I'm finding goes all the way back to the early 2000's! WOW!!!

The central image here is from Paulette at Create with TLC from 2007! I love the colors and "fun" feeling it gives! The fill was from a yahoo group I was on for years... This share is the SAME size and SAME wrapper, just different color schemes. Click on it to open in a new window and save it to your computer from there.

Smuggles, RhondaSue .

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

SPRING TIME LIFE candybar wrapper

Papers and Sticker elements by Paulette
Beads and ribbon and charm were saved
from other internet sources years ago.
The template is also drawn by Paulette
but the layout design is done by myself.

Click to open in full size file format and save
it to your own computer...

Inspirational Wall Art Freebie Printable

This verse just spoke to me so loud and clear!!
I had to make something that I would be able
to read and "use" every day!  The word art as
well as the papers I used were all made by
Paulette at Create with TLC.

This is an 8x10 frame without a mat.
You can get a larger frame and make sure
it has a mat, as long as the opening is 8x10.

Just click on this and it will open full sized
and you can save it from that larger format.



Sunday, April 15, 2012


In honor of PAULETTE's birthday over at CREATE WITH TLC, the Design Team wants to celebrate HER!  She gives so much to all of us, not just the Design Team but all of YOU too!  So please go back to her blog and send her some BIRTHDAY WISHES AND LOVE!  We are all using the SAME image to show you, the viewers, that each element is so versatile.  We are also offering this single image as a freebie to you for 24 hours.  After that, it will be removed as a freebie and you can go purchase it in Paulette's NEW STORE

THANK YOU so very much Paulette for sharing your creativity and passion with all of us.  I hope you have a day and year ahead full of love, peace, happiness, and health!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!

just click on the image and it will open into a full size layout for you to save to your computer and print in your convenience.  Remember, this is for personal use only and in honor of PAULETTE's BIRTHDAY.  

Here is the element for a free download for 24 hours ONLY... Again, click on it to open in full size format for your personal use.  Then you can go HERE to purchase it.

Now, don't forget the whole DESIGN TEAM (those that could play along) are helping to celebrate Paulette's Birthday so be sure to visit each blog and see all of their inspirations too!

HETTY at CraftChaos

CARLA at Carla's Stamping Spot

AUDREY at Country Mouse

KAREN at Busy Busy Honeybee

MARSHA at Stamping Down South

RHONDASUE at CraftymumzCreation  --- U R HERE!

Please leave them some love for sharing their talents with you...but then don't forget to wish PAULETTE a HAPPY BIRTHDAY by visiting her at her blog...  CREATE WITH TLC

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I just want to say THANK YOU to the followers and those that pop in once in a while!  Thank you for taking time to visit and leave comments or send me personal notes.  I appreciate each of them and each of YOU!

I hope you each have a BLESSED day!


More Bead Projects I've made

These are two bracelets I've made for my Daughter-in-Law...

         Here is a bracelet I made for my daughter
              Emily, as well as one for myself....

I have also made some Eyeglass Chains.

I learned with the one chain that when you use larger sized glass beads, you really need to reinforce the thread or wire used to string the beads.  Those glass beads can get heavy and one strand of beading thread is not enough to hold them together!!

I will be making LOTS more projects and will share them with you as they are finished.
Thanks for peeking at another creative outlet I enjoy!

Smuggles, RhondaSue


Greeting Card Freebie

Yesterday, my dear husband and daughter and I went on a "road trip".  It is our daughters Spring Break from school so we wanted to do something "different".  Since we just moved here, almost anything we do is going to be "different"... hehehehe... but we chose to go for a car ride and check out Marquette, MI.  It takes about 1 1/2 hours to drive there, which is not too terribly long.  The ride is beautiful!  Only God could create such a wonderful world of beauty!  We saw wild turkeys and lots of deer.  One sign even said to look for MOOSE!  One of these days we'll see one of them, but not this time.  The trees are all starting to get little baby green/yellow buds/leaves.  The sun was shining... It was just a beautiful ride!  Then once in Marquette, we did some shopping and some of our favorite stores that are no longer "in our back yard" and had a lot of fun.  Once we finished lunch at Culver's (OMG...It's been 7 years since we've eaten at Culvers and oh wow was it good!), we decided to drive to Lake Superior and ride the shore.  We got out at a few places to walk to the waters edge.  Honestly, when you stand there looking at the waves, you cannot tell if you are looking at the ocean or a lake.  It is so big and there is no land on the other side to see... it is just water to the horizon!  And the waves/whitecaps were amazing!!!  We rode through one park area and took some pictures.  This picture is one I took and really couldn't even tell if I captured the bird or not because the sun was shining in my face and I couldn't see the camera screen.  Once I got home and put them all into my laptop, I was pleasantly surprised!  Then I came across the element set by Paulette at Create with TLC called YOU GIVE ME WINGS, I just knew I had to get creative with them!  This is the end result I am sharing with you.

The papers I used for the pattern border are also from Paulette's May 2008 Club.  The colors worked PERFECTLY with my photo!  The above picture can be opened to full size and you can save it to do what you wish with it.  I have used it as my desktop picture and it sure is BEAUTIFUL!  I also turned it into a greeting card.  Again, just right click and tell it to open in a new screen and it will open to full size for your printing purposes...

Many thanks to Paulette at Create with TLC for all the many wonderful sets both available as purchase and a LOT of generous freebies to add that finishing touch to so many of my projects!

Our day ended with another wonderful drive home and a relaxing hour or so before bed...  That fresh air and sunshine, not to mention the long needed family time were all such blessings!  It was a GREAT day!



Monday, April 9, 2012

Candybar Wrapper Freebie Printable

ENJOY a new Hershey chocolate candy bar wrapper free for your personal use only.
Most of the elements used to make this were made by Paulette at Create with TLC.  The template came from Tami as Jersgirl Templates.  There are two elements here from ScrapbookFlair as well. 

Just click on the image for it to open to full size in a new window and save it to your own computer from there.




I LOVED working with beads!  I am seriously trying to get into more projects for this coming Fall and Winter.  I will share them as they are done...

I had a blast making all of these today so I just had to share them!



Friday, April 6, 2012


This is a bookmark for you to print and cut out, laminate and put two holes where marked with a paper punch and then tie a ribbon in some decorative fashion of your choosing... or even add some beads or a tassel.  

The elements used all came from Paulette at Create with TLC.  They are part of her MAY 2012 Club found HERE. If you have never signed up for her club sends, you are missing a world of great images/elements to be used in scrapbooking, gift giving, and computer crafting for things like greeting cards, bookmarks, calendars, gift bags, ETC, ETC, ETC...

Just click on the image for it to open in a new window and then save it to your computer in full size for printing at your convenience.