Sunday, July 21, 2013


TLC BLOG HOP has started! 

Jump aboard the trail and be sure
to share some love along the path
so that Paulette will continue to
create and share with ALL of us!

When I received the image to use
for this hop, I immediately thought
about the roosters in kitchen decor.
Therefore, I made a few printables
for your kitchen.  This is a recipe
card in 4x6 format, a list that
should print at 3x8, and a
3x3 magnet.  Just click on the
image to open in a new window
and save it to your own computer.

And now for the image that Paulette
is giving to you at this stop on the
hop trail is:

If you are following the hop in order,
you arrived here from Rachelle's blog.
Your next stop will be at

is PAULETTE's blog at:

Please be sure to leave some love for all
the artists that share their inspirations,
creations and the freebies from Paulette.
BUT most of all, please tell Paulette how
much you appreciate the goodies she so
generously has given to you to play with.

And if you don't want to miss out on any
of the artword that Paulette shares be sure to
check out her STORE and sign up for the
next club available HERE



Sunday, July 7, 2013


Paulette is hosting another fantastic blog hop!
It is set for July 21st.
The list of CT Members that will be
participating will come that morning.

The theme is
It's A Jungle Out There
Mark your creative calendars so
you don't miss out on the fun!
THANK YOU to Paulette
in advance of more fun to come!



CREATE WITH TLC treasures not to miss

Life has had me extremely busy and not in a creative way that I can post it all here...  but let me tell ya, Paulette over at CREATE WITH TLC has kept herself extremely busy with her creative outlets!  There is a new club going on right now....  It started yesterday and there were already 18 images sent out as part of this club.  If you are not a CLUBBER, you are missing out on a lot of great elements to use in your creative outlets!!  Check it out HERE:

Paulette also has several pages to explore from her homepage.  Her HOMEPAGE is loaded with tons of freebies that you must get within a few days of it getting posted because they do get converted to the store after a while...  But if you check out the link at the top called VINTAGE GRAPHICS you will be taken to a page with a LOT of wonderful freebie vintage digistamps for your snaggin fingers to get happy over.  Here is the direct link to that page, but please don't miss the homepage in your eagerness to go get the freebies... AND DO NOT forget to leave your appreciation/love for what she so freely gives us.  Remember what goes around comes around and without that word of thanks to Paulette for her generosity, we may all miss out on a lot of treasures if she stops sharing...  Here are some samples of those goodies:

Another thing Paulette has a passion for is sharing some TLC in the way of RAKs (Random Acts of Kindness).  One way to do this is by making a card or a bookmark or a gift box or a refrigerator magnet or anything that appeals to your own personal creative side.  She always shares what I call "HALLMARK HOLIDAYS".  Some of them are so wild and crazy that you think "only hallmark could possibly think of that as a special day event"...  But they are so fun to see in her list on the left side of her HOMEPAGE.  And she will share freebies a LOT to be designed towards those crazy fun days!  Just go check it out if you don't believe me!  Here is a sampling of the upcoming holidays:
July 9
Sugar Cookie Day
Rock n Roll Day

July 10
Don't Step on a Bee Day
Teddy Bear Picnic Day
Pina Colada Day
Hot Dog Night
Smile Power Day

July 11
Cheer up the Lonely Day
Natl Rainier Cherries Day
Slurpee Day
Try Caviar Day

July 12
Collector Car Appreciation Day
Simplicity Day
Paper Bag Day
Pecan Pie Day

July 13
Bald is In Day
Barn Day
Go West Day
Natl French Fries Day
Cow Appreciation Day
Collector Car Day

July 14
Pandemonium Day
Pick Blueberries Day
Intl Nude Day

July 15
Baby Food Day
Be A Dork Day
Gummi Worm Day
Winnie the Pooh Day
Tapioca Day

I can't wait to see what she shares for ALL the food theme days because I enjoy making scrapbook pages and recipe cards using her images.  What do you enjoy "playing with"???

Well... If you've read to this point, I want to extend a warm hug to you and wishes for a very fun and blessed Sunday as well as the week ahead!  THANK YOU so much for visiting my blog even when I'm not having time to share creative inspirations.