Saturday, April 11, 2009


An online friend and myself have joined to organize monthly
Blog Train Rides.
We have themes for the next several
months selected and all the information
will be posted at
the link below this post as each new theme's time
comes up. While I was talking to a friend about this
project, she looked at me
like I was talking in a
foreign language so I thought maybe there are even
folks on the internet frequently that just don't know what a

BLOG TRAIN really is. So I thought I'd put together this
little explanation
with hopes of clearing that up for anyone
that doesn't know and might be
afraid to ask...

Some asked me "What is a Blog Train?"

A Blog Train is when a few to several designers/artists
get together and
make a kit based on one color
scheme/swatch. Each designer does their own
for elements and papers and templates. The only
similarities from one
to the next is to be the common
colors so that the kits are

interchangeable/matching. The host/hostess of the
train will collect the
names and links to those that want
to participate and any further
information will be given
at that time. There is a deadline for all artists
to get
their previews to the host/hostess. There is also a
"Departure Date"
for the trains journey. When that
date arrives, all those artists
participating must post
their previews and download links on their own
There is usually a requirement for them to post either
the entire
list of the blogs in the train or a home blog
address to go back to for the
rest of the links.
General rule of thumb is that those download
links are
good for 30 days. After that it is up to each
artist if they want to keep a
freebie on their site or
start it in a store for a fee. It is up to the
individually if they will allow Commercial Use
or Personal Use Only.
It is also up to the individual
artist as to what will be their freebie for
It may only be one item and it could be a complete mega
kit. It
might be taggers size and it might be full size
scrapping kits.
The Blog Train has a specific them to
assist in the unity of the creations
as well.

HOST/HOSTESS BLOG: Loading Platform/Departure Gate
HOST/HOSTESS: Conductor(s)
DEPOTS: Individual Artist Blogs
TRAIN TRACK: The individual blog links
CARGO: The free downloads made available at each Depot
JOURNEY: The theme for that particular train
2)stick to the color swatch and theme,
3)have it ready on time,
4)post links on your own blog for the train
PASSENGERS: Anyone that wants to hop on
board for the journey to each depot

At TLC and CRAFTYMUMZ BLOG RIDES we are going to
be doing a Journey
approximately monthly.
So you might want to join using the link on the site,

or sign up to Follow through your Google Account. If you
don't do either of
those, put the link in your favorites and
come back often because we will
always have information
about the Journey that is in progress for that month

and we don't want you to miss out on the fun!!

If this doesn't answer all
of your questions, don't
hesitate to use the links on the blog to email one
of us
and we will do our best
to answer all of your
questions as quickly as we can.

Paulette and RhondaSue



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