Saturday, July 10, 2010


I have been busy busy busy trying to get
some Bridal Shower Favors done for some
very close family friends.  Their son is
getting married in December, however,
because of school, work and life issues,
it is tricky getting everything arranged
and accomplished since he lives in
Illinois, but is getting married in Florida
and his bride-to-be has been living
in another state and soon to be
back in Florida (I believe)...

At any rate, the mom of the groom has
asked if I wanted to help with the shower
and I jumped at it!  Their son is 7 weeks
older exactly than our oldest is.  Our son
and their son grew up playing together!
So, their son calls us Aunt and Uncle
and vice-versa!  We are really blessed
to have such great friends in our lives!
We love them all dearly and would do
ANYTHING for them!
I am honored to be able to help
out with the wedding too...
It is a great feeling to know the kids
want us involved with their
wedding plans!

Here is a picture of all of the favors I
have made.  Some are going to be
used at the Rehearsal Dinner and
some at the Bridal Shower ...
but there will maybe be more
to come too...
this is just what I've gotten
done as of today!

This is a preview of the item
#2 above...
the candle favor

This is the poem card inside the box.
You can click on it to have it open
full size to read and save for your
personal use if you'd like.

Here is the rolled candy.
These are Breathsavers/MINTS.
Again, you can click to open the label
and save to your own computer for
personal use if you'd like.
The one I used was personalized
with the Bride and Groom names.
The one you will get if you want
is NOT personallized.




CreatewithTlc said...

Wow, you have been very busy. Everything looks beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful Rhonda!

Marilou said...

Very nice favors! I bet that had you really busy. I love the poem, but I noticed that one line is missing "be" and I don't see that anyone has mentioned it to you. It says "life seems to like that.."

I'm not complaining...just thought you'd like to know.

CarolAnne said...

Again - I am so glad that this bridal shower project is here! Your work is unique and beautiful - I think I will be rooting around some more, but I like to read your blog as I am d/l'ng! Thanks so much for making your work available!