Thursday, November 24, 2011

Christmas FrosTea Topper

I love this set of elements that Paulette
is selling in her store.  The baggie will
hold a teabag or two, a plastic spoon, 
and a honeystick. I might even add a
small pkg of cookies like those 100
calorie bags by Nabisco I think it is.

and I couldn't decide which paper fill
I wanted to use or liked best, so you
can chose which one you like best for

Merry Christmas,



Dixieglitzie said...

thanks rhonda sue. we are having a mother/daughter tea at our church in february. i might just have to use this to thrill those who attend. thank you for sharing with us. much love, leah

Bonnie Elliott said...

Thanks so much RhondaSue - love this idea!