Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Let's see how much kindness
we can spread today.....
There are literally thousands of ladies that
come to THIS BLOG every day....imagine
if all those people passed on some kindness
and then those thousand passed on kindness
moments of happiness dotted all
over the world.
Worth a couple of minutes?
you go to someone else's blog and leave some
kindness and tell them to spread some kindness
and a little TLC. 
With the TLC we can track it.....
Come back to Paulette's main blog post and let
her know where you spread some kindness
....just a don't have to leave a link.... 
AFTER 20 people comment,
Paulette will add another freebie.....
Then we will get more kindness going
and she will leave more freebies~!
Let's get some Kindness rolling
all around the world~!
Snag the button and put it on your blog or
share it with someone, or hundreds to
remind them to spread Kindness.


Tami G said...

I do a random act of kindness at least once a month. I'll be at a drive thru and pay for the next person in line. I tell the clerk to let them know its a RAK and to pass it on in some way. Or if someone is a little short of money in the grocery line and they're going to put something back, I'll pay for them. Just little things when you can. If only half those people do a RAK imagine how much kindness got passed on. I've taught my two kids to do the same.

Papiya said...

Great post.Looking so fantastic. Thanks for sharing with us.