Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Crystal Theatre Performing Arts Center...CTPAC

I believe I told you over a year ago that my husband and I are co managers at the local Performing Arts Center here where we live...  Well... Our new SEASON is starting on May 31st!  We are really excited about ti all!  TONS of work and time involved, but it is all good!  The month of May brought us two events prior to the GEM OF A SEASON lineup...  The posters for them are here:


Now the next event is May 31 and it is the first in the series of 9 for the year!!

As acting manager, I am responsible to create the posters and tickets as well as any other publications and forms needed.  I just thought I would share what has been the most recent list of activities for our lives.  We are keeping busy that is for sure!




Suze said...

Happy Birthday Rhonda. Hope you have a wonderful day.

Edwina said...

Hi Rhonda, I was looking for a current post. I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday! Edwina Brown

Marion Rivas said...

Happy birthday to you!