Friday, December 5, 2014


This is a topper I did a few years ago and when I went to print that file, I was not happy with the quality of the print ~~ So I redid it!  The snowman image is from Paulette at Create with TLC.
It was part of her WINTER SCRAPPIN CLUB 2007.  I have made my own bubble wands with wire and plastic beads along with a bottle of "miracle bubbles" as the label on the bottle already calls them!  These will be on my craft table tomorrow so I will get pictures of it all then and post on Sunday or Monday.

I also redid the topper I used years ago... I created the concept of a "HOLIDAY CUT-UP".  I did one for Easter and Halloween and Thanksgiving too!  This one is redone for CHRISTMAS.

In the baggie this gets attached to, I included two cookie cutters and a 3x4 ziploc baggie that has sprinkles/jimmies in it.  I included 2 TBSP of the topping with the two cookie cutters and attached the topper.

Both of these toppers sell for $2.50.

This topper gets put onto a 3x4 baggie with oatmeal and colored sugar or Christmas Sprinkles used for decorating cookies ...

The Reindeer topper is created by Paulette too! I just added the wording...




Lisa Lynn said...

These are adorable, and so clever. You have such a talent and thanks for sharing.

CreatewithTlc said...

What clever ideas....good to see some of your creations again.