Monday, July 20, 2015



this can be a service project, gift for charity, gift for family or friend...

Spread a little joy around you. A JOY JAR, which holds a daily inspirational message, will keep giving and giving!

Type 365 or 31 inspirational messages, depending on if you want your JOY JAR to last for a full year or a full month. These can be Scripture verses, inspirational thoughts, or smile provokers. You can find these on inspirational calendars, topical books, joke books, or make up your own. Print these on different colored sheets of paper, then cut into strips. Fold each strip into a small piece with the message inside. Place in a decorated glass jar. Attach a note that says:

It is hoped this JOY JAR will help you start each day with a spiritual boost, and inspirational thought, or a smile. As the year/month progresses, may your days be bright and full of JOY.

Give this to secret pals, shut-ins, special friends, or anyone you can use a boost each day.

*I love this idea... I am reposting this from my post in June of 2009...  What a great idea this is and so inspirational and uplifting!!!

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Four11Lady said...

What a thoughtful thing to do! Thanks for sharing this idea.