Sunday, February 14, 2016


I know Mother's Day is in May,
but we are becoming grandparents
to #2 and #3 grandsons in MARCH!
So when I saw this today, I just HAD
to share it! 

Survival Kit for MOTHERHOOD

Bandaid:  To fix hurt feelings.

Tissue:  For drying little alligator tears.

Cotton Swab:  To clean out little ears -- for better listening.

Marble: For when you've lost your marbles.

Rubber Band:  To stretch you beyond your limits.

Sweet & Sour Tarts:   A reminder that the good comes with a little bad, but
the good overcomes!

Button:  A reminder to button the lips and count to 10 when angry.

Toothpick:  To pick out the good in trying situations.

Lifesaver:  For when you've had one of those days!

Flower: A reminder of how motherhood makes us shine.

Star:  A reminder of the dandelions little ones pick that mean more than a
lavish bouquet.

Glitter:  For a glimpse of how the world looks through a child's eyes.

Hug & Kiss: For the little ones -- to make everything all right!!

author and origination unknown

1 comment:

Diana said...

I just love this. Do you have it to print out? I know a new mom that this would fit so well.
Thank for sharing.