Saturday, August 29, 2009


Thank you for your interest in the next train:
"Be Thankful Always" Blog Train.
Theme: Gratitude ......

This journey is meant to share our THANKFULNESS
for all of our blessings and gifts whether it be
to our God, husband/wife, children, siblings, friends,
neighbors, online buddies, pastors, doctors, mailmen,

teachers, or just about anyone we interact with
on a day to day basis or even occasionally.
We are thinking word art, creative use of bible
verses, thank you cards, tags, etc.

Be creative and think outside the box on this.
Your cargo must be made by you!
Templates from others, as long as their TOU

are followed are allowed, but then you must complete
that template with your own touch keeping
our color swatch and theme in mind.

Color Palate: Below
Train Departure: September 20th

If you are interested in being a part of this unique train....
please email us at Paulette's email ~~~



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