Thursday, August 13, 2009

I'm back from my trip...


It was such a great week away!
We spent time with family and friends.

We got to go to Shipshewana for an entire
day...what a blast! Don't go unless you have
a big amount to spend cuz there is a TON of
great bargains!

We also went to Fair Oaks Farm... and
got to experience their 4D pressentation
PLUS see a cow be BORN! AMAZING!
We brought home some FANTASTIC
cheeses and had a great day with family!

We spent more time with my Grandparents,
Emily's Great Grandparents. If you remember
last year was their 70th wedding anniversary.
Well, we were there for their 71st one too!
PRAISE THE LORD... blessings abound!

We spent time with my two nephews.
What a joy and so fun to play with little ones
again! Emily and I both got worn out by the end
of the day when we were done babysitting!
LOTS of activities and constant motion! LOL...

We enjoyed seeing my cousin's son Jeremy Lotton
make a beautiful handblown glass vase in his work
shop and then we got to go see their new Gallery!
What talent they all have! MORE AMAZEMENT!
David Lotton Glass:
Jeremiah Lotton Glass:
Jeremy even gave Emily a BEAUTIFUL gift
before we left! She was so tickled!...

We really had a great time. Now it is time to get
Emily ready for school to start next week as well as
catch up with housecleaning and grocery shopping
and laundry...All the mundane every day chores.
Oh, and don't forget the numerous Doc appts for
everyone again! Whew....... back to the grind!

I'm glad to be back though and glad to try to figure
out what "normal" is supposed to be!



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