Monday, October 11, 2010


I am confused!!
I NEED HELP figuring out
I have a product (to remain annonymous for now) that says TOTAL CARB 22g, dietary fiber 10g, sugars 1g, and sugar alcohols 0g. PROTEIN 18g. On the front it says NET CARBs are only 1g. I thought net carbs was total carbs minus fiber and sugar alcohols...I must be wrong because the net carb count on this doesn't make sense then. Can someone please educate me on the correct way to figure this out... THANKS in advance!
Okay...I've had a few folks ask me to share the label with them in order for them to help me.  So this is what the two products are that I currently have.  I have two other products from this company but have not eaten them yet.  I really want to figure out the correct way to figure this out before I eat much more of this stuff................


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Anonymous said...

Don't even bother with the NET carbs..because it may not be right for what you are counting