Sunday, March 5, 2017

I AM WORTHY!!! Free Wordart

I took part in a month long challenge.  I have had WLS (Weight Loss Surgery) several years ago.  In the past five years, I've had a regain and want to kick it to my past once again.  SO, in this month long process I have refound ME... and how important I AM!  I have learned that if I don't do things for myself it just won't be accomplished!  I AM WORTHY!  I AM IMPORTANT!  I AM VALUABLE!  I AM WORTH IT! 

The self talk/brain talk is difficult to overcome at times.  My life story that has made me who I am is important, but some aspects of it need to be left in the past and they can't define me.  I am a grown adult woman now (just turned 50 a few months ago) and am reminded that the CHOICES I make are my own.  They can not be controlled by situations that happened over 30 years ago! 

I decided to create these pieces of wordart to print and tape to my mirrors and doors and scale and any place else I want...  They are important reminders that I need to use for my daily head talk!  This step is just as important as realizing a particular comfort food is not needed to actually find comfort!!!  There are more options to finding comfort and getting value!  FOOD IS NOT IT!

These are four separate pieces of word art that you can decorate or alter in any way you want to make it special for yourself.  I have them saved as JPG, PNG and PSP files.  I am sharing here at JPG...  If you want the other files, you will need to leave a message with your email address and I will send it to you. 



PS... Thank you so very much to NIKKI MASSIE
at Bariatric Foodie for all the support and encouragment!!


donna sherman said...

I love these sentiments!!!! Thank you soooooo much for sharing them with us Rhonda Sue!!! I would love to have these in PNG, as I use them more than JEPG! Hugs Donna

Hetty said...

Awesome, RhondaSue.

Kim Miller said...

Good on you Rhonda!!! Everyone needs to understand that they ARE worthy and that you are beautiful in God's eyes - He made you beautifully unique in His own image hon - and God don't make no mistakes!!!

Chi Cr said...

These are wonderful! You are right; we are more than numbers on a scale! (((HUGS!)))