Tuesday, May 6, 2008

HELLO this beautiful Tuesday morning! It is going to be a great day here in South Florida!

I took our youngest to the middle school last night for her instrument fitting so she can be in band. It sounds like she is going to be doing the clarinet and/or trombone! WOW! She is so excited!

Our middle one starts her next courses at college on the 12th I think it is. She is excited because it is a new path for her. She is going to get a license for Massage Therapy. It is 6 months of full time studies to get there, but she is excited! So, I am excited for her!

Our oldest is doing ok in Japan. He'd rather be back home, but he is doing well. He celebrated his FIRST YEAR ANNIVERSARY in the United States Air Force on May 1st. That was exciting!

I'm so proud of all three kids! If you ever get here to Mom's ole blog, I hope you know, I couldn't be prouder of all three of you! I love you guys!

I was sharing "baby theme" images today so I got a bit sentimental over my own children...sorry folks. But they are great kids! I hope you enjoy the theme for today and can use them in something.


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tk said...

I loved reading your Blog.
Thank you for all of the Awesome shares.
Have a Great week.