Monday, May 26, 2008

Today is Memorial Day. Our son is in the United States Air Force stationed in Okinawa, Japan. He will be there for about 2 years. We are extremely proud of him and pray for him every day. We pray for all our men and women in the Forces...all branches. Today is the day to honor and remember them all whether deceased, living, Veteran or active... OUR PRAYERS ARE WITH YOU ALL!

This is our son:

CREDITS for this layout are unknown...If you know please email me and I will gladly add their credits here as this is a BEAUTIFUL kit I'm grateful to have. All I know is that it is called "HOME OF THE BRAVE"

June 1, 2008
I FOUND THE CORRECT LOCATION... This kit is made and shared on it is called HOME OF THE BRAVE.


Kirsten said...

Very nicely done. :) A quick Google search turned up the creator of the kit immediately: Jessica Safty

She does indeed do beautiful work!

Sláinte ~ Kirsten

Craftymumz Creations said...

Thank you Kirsten, but that isn't the same kit. So I'm still searching.