Sunday, May 18, 2008

Time gets away and MEET OUR KIDS

It is so easy to let time get away from me. I'm sorry I haven't been here more often. Life has been very busy and keeping me hopping from one thing to another.

I used to be on 18+ Yahoo Groups. Over the course of the past few weeks, I've eliminated for one reason or another and am now down to 5! Actually, I had it down to 4, but signed into a new one last night that a cyber friend from years ago opened so we can all learn more about blogging with all its options and offerings. I am excited to learn more about that too.

Our youngest is graduating from 5th grade in a couple weeks so I have a party to plan! So exciting... To think we don't have any 'babies' any more... makes me a feel a bit old and confirms that I've earned every gray hair on my head. But we are so proud of each of them! I have added pics of them here. They are the gems of our hearts!

Matthew is almost 20 years old. He is an Airman in the USAF. Currently, he is stationed in Okinawa, Japan and is projected to be there for two years!

Julia is currently enrolled in PBCC and studying Massage Therapy. She is almost 19 years old. She works part time at Crate and Barrel in the local mall. She loves to swim, suntan, play on her computer, and have fun with her friends!

Emily is going to be 11 this summer. She will start at middle school this fall. She is planning on playing the clarinet in band and is so very very excited about that! She loves to go bowling, swimming, playing with her friends, and doing all sorts of crafty projects!

Well, I hope you have a blessed Sunday and a fulfilling week ahead!


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