Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I wanted to share our furbabies with you today... The dog is Shadow, the cat by himself is Prince, the bunny is Hopper, and the two cats together are Wolfie (long hair) and Sting (short hair).

The felines are all brothers from the same litter. The cats are all named after "music" icons. I wanted to have them named Wolfgang ~ Amadeus ~ Mozart, but the three kids would have nothing to do with that. So we let them name them, but it had to be music related. Thus, Wolfgang (Wolfie for short), Prince, and Sting. I can't begin to even tell you how they are so appropriate to their mannerisms and personalities! It is amazing!

Shadow was named Shadow because when we first got him and to this day, he is Dave's shadow no matter what!

Hopper's original name was Droske. He is a purebred Polish Dwarf Chocolate Bunny. Being Dutch myself, my favorite chocolate is Droste's. And since Hopper is Polish, I changed the end to end in the SKI sound. When "Santa" delivered Droske to Emily on Christmas morning, the tears and joy were so immense... When she asked if he had a name, I told her Droske and the tears changed and the mood changed drastically. Her dream was to have him named Hopper. So he has always been known as Hopper aka Droske!

Have a great day everyone and give your furbabies an extra hug today!


layout fills and journal sticker are from Create with TLC.

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