Friday, September 5, 2008


I have received a comment with concern about the size of my templates. So far to date, I have only shared the templates at 100DPI. When I figure out how to get them into a file sharing site and share the link to ONLY that file, I will share some in 300DPI. Here is an example of what I mean...
The blank template is here (and shared in my Fathers Day card templates). The screen shot shows the size information...

The following example shows the page set up I used in Paint Shop Pro 7. You have to have it set to Landscape and Fit to page.

Everyone's printing programs may have this set different. But I can tell you that I have shared my templates from Paint Shop Pro 7 at 100 DPI with it set to 100 pixels per inch. So for those of you that have it set to 72 dpi or anything different, it might not be exactly this way. You can use my templates and have them print correctly, but you need to have your DPI checked if they are printing smaller. Or it may be as simple as making sure you have it to landscape mode for certain templates such as this DAD card. The following image shows the example of the page set up. You can see the program ruler on the top and left sides to see the size as well as the dialog box.

If you ever have a question or problem with any of my templates, please don't hesitate to ask. I am more than willing to help and answer any concerns that may arise. It is important to me that they work for everyone that wants to use them.


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