Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Boo Brew idea and poem

Put mini marshmallows in a baggie and tie top with curling ribbon. Punch a hole in marshmallow label and tie onto marshmallows. Curl ribbons.

Put hot chocolate and marshmallows in a Halloween cup along with a cinnamon stick or hard candy stick. Add poem.

Sit cup in the center of a large piece of cellophane or plastic wrap. Pull it up around the cup and tie with raffia or curling ribbon.

Boo Brew
©2000 by Shirley Thomas

After a hard night of booing
A good ghost mummy
Always starts a pot brewing
That's good for the tummy.

Add the special concoction
to the ghost drops in a cup.
Fill with boiling hot water
and use the broomstick to stir up.

It's better from the cauldron
But this is the quick brew
And on a nippy autumn night
It will quickly warm up you!

or another version:

After a hard night of booing
A good mummy ghost
Serves up a hot cup of boo brew.
So you her little booooo-ster--
Will be quickly warmed up soon!
©birdiekity Oct-2002

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