Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Halloween Candy Pouches

(could be used for other occasions, just change stamp design and
wool color)

Items needed:
- Coffee filter (white)
- Iron
- Hole punch
- Knitting wool, orange or black
- Small rubber Halloween stamps
- Small bead with hole big enough accommodate wool for
- Candy

First, Iron the coffee filter flat.

Fold in quarters, then using hole punch, punch holes around the
edge of the filter so you can run some knitting wool through.

Use small rubber stamps on each quarter of coffee filter, stamp
a design, i.e. Happy Halloween, BOO, etc.

Tip: When stamping, be sure to stamp so that the design is
facing the right direction when drawstring is added.

Run the wool through the holes and weave through filter, add the
bead to the wool and knot and pull drawstring to form pouch.

Add candy. Best of all it's Cheap!


HSDesigns said...

Oh this sounds cool - I wish you had a picture I could see. Thanks for the fun tip.

Beachkid said...

Hi Rhonda, I have an award for you,
visit my blog for details.