Thursday, October 16, 2008

Halloween TAGS

Halloween TAGS
You could give these individually or give gifts for the 13 Days of Halloween. Or some of these TAGS could be attached to any item that is orange.

~Brew yourself a Halloween Spell ( attach tag to a large black or orange sack filled with the ingredients to make homemade rootbeer.)

~Hope you have a bootiful Halloween ( attach to a bouquet of wildflowers)

~Hey Tootsie: Hope your Halloween is rolled up in fun! ( attach to a basket filled with tootsie rolls)

~Best "witches" for a spooky Halloween (attach to a black sack with goodies)

~A phantom hopes your Halloween is really delicious ( attach to a basket of red delicious apples or a plate of carmeled apples)

~Make no bones about it - I hope your Halloween is scary! (attach to skeleton candy or skeleton bones)

~Have a totally tubular Halloween ( attach to a painted tube ( orange & black) and fill tube with goodies)

~A bite of something good to velcome you home from a vatchful vampire ( attach to any vampire related idea)

~let me be quite frank... I hope your Halloween is monstrously fun!! (attach to anything monster related, green, Halloween item, or how about the frankie claypot?)

~Just poppin by with a corny Halloween Hi ( attach to a bag of popcorn or popcorn balls)

~Witches brew just for you from: a secret spook ( attach to a liter bottle of rootbeer, or how about witches brew)

~From a spook who thins you are special ( attach to a orange sheet of paper and write a letter to your secret person and tell them the the things you really admire about them. Roll it up and tie it with ribbon)

~Morsels from your mysterious messenger ( attach to a plate of toll house cookies)

~To lift your spirits this Halloween! ( attach to a large bouquet of orange and black balloons)

~a treat for you from the ghost with the most! (attach to some Halloween cookies or a basket of oranges)

~Your are bound to have a Terrific Halloween (attach to mummy stuff)

~soak you bones from: a secret spook ( attach to a bottle of bubble bath)
original source/author unknown

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Lisajo said...

I love visiting your blog, Rhonda! You always share great things!! I thought you were going to have an entire set of candy corn templates. Did I miss something? I got the sucker cover but didn't see any other postings.