Friday, January 9, 2009


This past Wednesday evening, my husband had a dinner party to play for at his place of employment. The guests numbered about 20 or so and two of them were Jack and Suzy Hanna... you know him as JUNGLE JACK! I really look forward to meeting them some day myself. Dave said they are fantastic folks and enjoys spending time with them whenever he can! This is the third or fourth time that I know of that he's been able to share his music with them as well as have some conversation and get to know you kind of time. I hope to get to Montana to see several things there, but that is where Dave sees them occassionally too. So maybe some day! He has TV Programs, Books to read, coloring books, etc all available... You should check it all out!


The photos here are of my husband, Jack and his wife Suzy... Smuggles, RhondaSue


Lisajo said...

How neat! Thanks for sharing, RhondaSue.

Deanna said...

How fun for Dave! Thanks so much for posting the picture and the blog link!

Deanna said...

Rhonda - I am watching the Today Show and he is on right now! How fun!!

Debbie said...

Please stop by my blog. I have an award for you.