Saturday, October 6, 2012


CHRISTMAS is just around the corner...
With all the rising costs of everything, we are
trying to really budget it all!  We are really
keeping an eye out for great, creative, useful,
unique gifts to give everyone on our lists.  As
I find ideas while surfing the web or looking
around in the stores, I will share as much as I
can!  Hope some of these will help you too!

Oven mitt — For a "warm" hand of friendship just as you've given me, and the
wish for a joyous season with love aplenty under the tree!

Scented pinecones or candle — Have a "scent"-sational Christmas.

Roll of wrapping paper — "Wrap" yourself up in a wonderful holiday season!

Mint M&M's — These are "mint" to wish you a "magical" and "merry" Christmas.

Ritz snowflake crackers and a can of cheese — Have a "ritzy" Christmas
season and "spread" around the joy!

Jello Mousse Mix — Merry "Chris-mousse" to you!

Pancake mix and syrup —We're "pouring out" Christmas wishes and hoping you
have a Christmas to "flip over!"

Bounty paper towels — This season may the "absorbing" spirit of Christ
"blot" out your problems, "soak up" your sorrows, and "wipe" away your
difficulties and may the new year bring you "bounteous" blessings all the
year through!

Car scraper and brush — May you be free from life's "scrapes" and shoves and
"see more clearly." May life's problems just "brush" away. We wish you a
happy holiday.

Soup mix — We wish you a wonderful holiday "simmering" gently with love!

Bean soup mix — You've "bean" such good neighbors!

Sending warm hugs to everyone!


Penny said...

Aww, RhondaSue, those are really great ideas! Thank you for sharing them! :^)
Hugs, Penny

Anonymous said...

All cute ideas, thanks for sharing.