Tuesday, October 9, 2012


"Here's a 'Squeeze' and a 'Kiss' with Christmas Cheer,
to remind you you are loved all through the year"

Gift: Bottle of "squeeze-it" juice and a
Hershey kiss on the tag


"Have a "COOL YULE"

Gift: ice cream and topping.


"Nibble, nibble like a mouse.
We hope you'll nibble at this house!
Merry Christmas"

Gift: Gingerbread house or gingerbread
house kit ready to decorate.


"A teacher can't live by apples alone...
she needs "kisses" too!
Merry Christmas"

Gift: Fill a box, bag or mug with Hershey's Kisses


"Hope a merry "HO-HO-HO"
fills your heart the whole year though
Merry Christmas"

Gift: Box of Hostess Ho-Ho's. Decorate the box
or put in a Christmas type bag.


Penny said...

Some more wonderful idea, RhondaSue! Thank you!
Hugs, Penny

Anonymous said...

Nibble Nibble is a new one to me and I just love it. Thanks.

CreatewithTlc said...

Thank you for taking the time to share all of these....what great fun~!

gareth batty said...

Thanks for some brilliant ideas for homemade Christmas gifts. What a wonderful quilt.

thanks a lot for sharing
Christmas Gift Ideas

Ashnia Vicente said...

What a nice Christmas gift ideas that you shared to us. It's brilliant and amazing.