Thursday, October 11, 2012


Oranges: 'Orange' you glad we're neighbors?
Merry Christmas!

Banana Bread: "If we could chose our neighbors,
and we searched the whole world through, we'd go
'bananas' trying to find a better bunch than you!"

Loaf of Bread: "No matter how you slice it,
you're a great neighbor."

Any kind of bread/cookie dough:
"Thought you might want
some extra 'dough' for Christmas."

Anything in a basket (with a handle):
"For when you get tired and feel like a 'basket'
case this holiday season, here's a little 'pick me up'.

Oven mitts/hot pads: "We have to ad"mitt",
you're a great neighbor!" or
"Merry Christmas from our "pad" to yours!"

Candle/Candle painted with red dots to count
down to Christmas. Each night the recipient burns the
candle down to the next dot:
"May your Christmas be merry and bright!"

Homemade Jam:
"Hoping your holiday is 'jam' packed with cheer!"

Favorite spice mix: "Seasoned Greetings"

Jolly Ranchers candy:
"Have a jolly, holly Christmas!"

Animal shaped cookies:
"This neighborhood would be a zoo without you!
Glad you're our neighbor!"


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Penny said...

Lots more fabulousness! Thanks! :^)
Hugs, Penny